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La Savonnerie de Nyons Braid Shell Rosewood Soap

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Discover La Savonnerie de Nyons Braid Shell Rosewood Soap!

Like incense, scented candles, pillow mist, a bouquet of flowers or a scented pouch, the decorative braid scented rosewood, perfumes and decorates your interior with delicacy. A sweet and relaxing fragrance for a natural decoration.

Hanging from a buffet or door button, suspended in the bathroom or in a cupboard, it floats a sweet and pleasant scent in the room. Very decorative, it is invited in all places of the house.

Adorned with pieces of wood or cork, a shell shaped plaster medallion soaked in rosewood essential oils for soft and delicate atmospheres completes the braid. A natural decoration, a nice gift idea!

A home that smells good is a place where you feel good, where you want to come back and want to stay. Scents and perfumes that envelop us in a cocoon of well-being.

Made in Provence

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