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La Tisaniere Apres Repas Herb Tea 25 bags

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Thanks to unparalleled expertise, La Tisaniere selects with great care the plants, fruits, flowers and spices that make up its infusions and, in contact with water, reveal all the power of nature.

Through its range of infusions, La Tisaniere after meal transports you to the heart of nature to offer you delicious moments where you regenerate and regenerate.

Composed of peppermint leaves and green anise seeds, La Tisaniere After-meal has an intense flavor that is both fresh and delicate.

A delicious infusion that will bring a moment of freshness to your meal.

Peppermint (45.9%), green anise (18.4%), licorice, mint flavor (8.2%), verbena (4.6%), lemon balm.

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