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Le Guerandais Fine Grey Salt from Guerande 125 gr/4.4 oz

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Le Guerandais fine salt is an unrefined product, just dried and crushed, which preserves the pleasure of an authentic salt.

Rich in magnesium and trace elements, it is perfect for all uses, in the kitchen, and on the table.

Fruit of the ocean, the sun, and the wind, the Guerande salt of Guerande is harvested by hand by the salt workers according to a millenary artisanal method.

Unlike refined industrial salts, Le Guerandais Guerande salt undergoes no washing, no chemical treatment and no addition (anti-caking agent, flow agent, fluorine, iodine, or nitrite).

Guerande Guerandais salt is 100% natural, simply sorts and sieves to ensure consistent quality for consumers.

100% natural, without additives

Product of France

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