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Le Guerandais Flower of salt with organic Kampot Black Pepper 125gr/4.41oz

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Le Guerandais Kampot Pepper is the pepper of choice with top European chefs for centuries. Le guerandais Kampot pepper delivers strong yet delicate aromas. Its taste, which can range from intensely spicy to mildly sweet also reveals floral and citrus hints. Kampot pepper has a unique flavor and smell distinguishing it from other types of peppercorns.

A slight touch of seasoning for red meats, fishes, poultry... or to surprise your guests with Kampot black pepper. Sprinkle on just before savoring your dish.

Le Guerandais is first and foremost the story of men and women deeply attached to their land and trade. In the 80s, passionate salt marsh workers chose to counter the threats their activity was facing, and collectively succeeded in hoisting Guerande salt to its leading position in French salt production.

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