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Le Guerandais Flower of Salt with Sichuan Pepper 125g/4.4 oz

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  • Brand: Les salines de Guerande
  • SKU: LG1834

On the table to reveal all the taste of your dishes, or just sprinkled at the end or after cooking, Le Gu??randais fleur de sel is delicately picked, according to a thousand-year-old artisanal method, by the salt marsh of Gu??rande. The fleur de sel is naturally white, rare and of exceptional quality.

Uncrushed, non-lava, its crystals preserve their natural richness in trace elements.

To sprinkle just before eating your dish, slightly minty with Sichuan pepper, this flower of salt will pleasantly scent your marinades, grilled fish, red meat, poultry etc ...

Le Guerandais Fleur de Sel is particularly popular with gourmets and chefs cooks.

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