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Le Panier Francais French Avola Almond Assorted Flavor 200g/7.05oz

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Le Panier Francais French Avola Almond Color Assorted are beautiful. Our Dragee is an elegant Avola Almond with a fullness of flavor that will make your mouth sing, with an incredibly thin sugar coating. If you dream of an experience of true taste at your case, our Avola Almond will surprise you.

In order to provide you with unique presents for your loved ones, Le Panier Francais has selected the best Avola dragees available.
We hope that you will like our dragees almonds Avola collection, which will expose you to the excellence of the finest almonds available anywhere in the world.
Because there is something for everyone, almost every gourmet will find something to their taste there!!

If you want to elevate your holiday table or give a romantic gift to someone special, consider introducing dragees. They will lend a classy touch to your party.

Color: assorted

Keep in a cool, dry place

Ingredients: sugar, almonds 44%, glucose syrup, coating agents: Arabic gum; artificial flavorings, coloring agents (Tartrazine, sunset yellow FCF, indigo carmine)

Contains: almond

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