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Le Panier Francais Mini Barley Sugar Sticks 315g/11.11oz

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  • Brand: Le Panier Francais
  • SKU: LPF009
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Le Panier Francais offers mini fruit barley sugars packaged in a beautiful packaging, known in French as sucre d'orge.
Barley sugar (or barley sugar candy) is a traditional variety of boiled sweet (hard candy), which is usually made with an extract of barley, giving it a characteristic taste and color.
These are made from pure sugar, with often an extract of barley, giving it an interesting not-too-sweet taste. Barley Sugar was originally made by boiling cane sugar in barley water. Sucking on them before a meal helps to wake the taste buds and makes the food taste better.
No dyes
Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, organic wheat glucose syrup, acidifier: citric acid, essential oils of orange and lemon, natural flavoring (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, mirabelle plum, orange, lemon)

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