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Le Panier Francais Mint Shells 140g/4.94oz

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Le Panier Francais mint shells are French candies mint-filled sweets shell-shaped with a good mint taste that refreshes your breath. These French candies bring to you souvenir of vacation at the beach, shell collection with the children... This hard-to-suck or crunchy candy contains a delicious powder in its heart. A homemade candy that is made in France, which have been delighting gourmets for several generations.

A refreshing minty taste you are sure to love! With these delicious mint-filled shells, you will not even notice how many you have eaten until they are all gone! Perfect for any occasion from dessert planning to snacking to cake decorating, these shells are a wonderful choice.

Perfect for gift giving with the bag it comes in, plus who does not love mint candy?

Each shell is individually wrapped inside the bag it comes in.

GMO-FREE, product contains no allergen.

Product of France


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  • Jennifer Johnson May 18th 2021

    These candies were delightful. I would completely expect to see them at a high end baby or wedding shower even a wedding reception luncheon. The flavor is mint tea and with a powdered sugar feel that will please everyone. The look is flawless couldn’t be happier.


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