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Le Panier Francais Organic Honey Drop Tin 80g/2.82oz

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  • Brand: Le Panier Francais
  • SKU: LPF059
  • Net Weight: 80g/2.82oz

This French organic honey lozenge is part of our precious catalogue: Frosted and without dyes, it is made with 12% honey and cooked sugar, natural ingredients.
Honey appears clearly but without violence. The flavor is long but delicate.
Naturally delicious!
Hard and brittle, this honey candy melts in the mouth while bathing in saliva. All its softness will envelop you like a warm blanket and you will benefit from its positive effects.
Consuming this honey lozenge means getting a tasteful pleasure and it is also a boost to French confectionery artisans!
These traditional hard-to-suck, oval-shaped sweets will remind you of good childhood memories!
On each frosted lozenge, you will find the drawing of a bee and the word "honey".
Ingredients: Cane sugar, glucose syrup, 12% honey.
From organic farming.
Made in a workshop using peanuts, dairy products, nuts, and their derivatives.
Product of France - Certified Organic by ECOCERT France SAS

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