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LU La Barquette de Lulu Apricot 120g /4.2 oz

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  • Brand: LU
  • SKU: C2028
  • Net Weight: 120g

France has been enjoying Lulu Barquettes for nearly 40 years. Soft and loaded with delectable fruit, the "Lulu" cookies don't use any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It's convenient to have three individual servings of cookies in their own sealed pouches throughout the package.

Nantes is the birthplace of LU, France's most well-known cookie and biscuit manufacturer. A baker named Monsieur Lefebvre and his wife, Mademoiselle Utile, started selling biscuits bearing the initials LU on the packaging around 1850. Even now, LU keeps French customers happy with its delicious confections.

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