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Lu Heudebert French Biscotte

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  • Brand: Heudebert
  • SKU: B004
  • Net Weight: 300g

With the tasty Heudebert biscotte, stock up on cereal at breakfast! A delicious recipe source of fiber that contributes to your body needs. Lu Heudebert to make your breakfast a bit more French.

No preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors.

Product of France


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  • Shelly Sep 23rd 2020

    I love it, absolutely delicious. It goes well with butter, preserve or any other topic. I wish I could find it in smaller size too to prepare cocktail style entries.

  • Jan 9th 2018

    I can tell you that I have experienced the quality of the Lu product for decades ; the "biscottes " are excellent if you have to reduce you intake of bread. With butter, marmlades, jams or "Nutella" they can also be a delightful snack for children. Remember "biscottes" are not "cookies"

  • Dec 30th 2017

    These were a gift for my French Mother she lofes them!Mo

  • Aug 9th 2016

    Biscottes taste very good and are crisp but not so much that they break during shipping. Unlike some other brands they don't have sugar in them which make them fine to eat with salty accompaniments. I put butter on them and dip them in a cup of Bovril.

  • Jun 9th 2016

    Nothing taste as good as Heudebert. Le Panier Francais is the best place to order from, always.

  • Mar 16th 2016

    I have repeatedly ordered both the St. Michel madeleines and the Heudebert biscottes and find them of excellent quality for the price. Luckily, I don't have to travel to France to bring them back myself!

  • Nov 12th 2015

    It is very good with butter or goat's cheese or honey served with Ricoré and it is a grand snack or breakfast.

  • Oct 30th 2015

    first , my biscottes arrived well packaged, I didn't see a single broken one. The price is reasonable, Second, it took me 15 minutes to unpack my box, drool over my mustard, and break into my biscottes. I ate one with butter (president of course, I had to have that french butter) and strawberry jam.

  • Mar 9th 2015

    crispy and tasty, the perfect biscottes for breakfast, with cheese, etc..


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