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Maffren Confiseur Soft Nougat Egg Hand crafted 120g/4.2oz

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Discover this Maffren Confiseur Soft Nougat Egg, which is part of our Easter collection.

An almond-crusted Maffren Soft Nougat Egg is a delectable treat. Easter isn't complete without some delicious honey-sweet, silky nougat in an egg-shaped container. The height of this egg is 11cm/4.5 inch.
Classic sweet treat nougat is loved across the world for its peculiar texture, usually produced with honey, egg whites, and almonds. Because of its chewy texture and crispy and nutty pieces, this delicacy is quite popular. When it comes to Easter, there's no better way to celebrate the festival than with a batch of egg-shaped nougat!

The company Maffren was created in 1945 by Daniel Maffren, the company settled in the village of Poët in the 1950s, in the premises of a former chocolate factory. At that time, the factory manufactured calissons and nougats de Provence and it was in the 80s that the company bought Verger du Roy which manufactured almond paste and which was transferred to the Poët site.

Ingredients: Sugar (EU origin), almonds, glucose syrup (sulphites), honey, pistachios, unleavened bread (potato starch, water, sunflower oil), egg whites, natural vanilla flavor.

May contain traces of nuts, soy, and milk.

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