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Maison Boissier 8 Marrons Glaces Candied Chestnuts 160g/5.6oz

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Allow yourself to be overrun by Maison Boissier Marrons Glaces Candied Chestnuts and all of the exquisiteness that closes this pretty box of 8 candied chestnuts.
For the record, it was Bélissaire Boissier, founder of Maison Boissier in 1827, who developed the first recipe for Marrons Glaces Candied Chestnuts. At the dawn of 2023, we never tire of their flavor and their retro turquoise blue box.

Discover our delicious Maison Boissier glazed chestnuts on our online deli. Gourmets and those who enjoy indulgences like this sweet treat will be enchanted. Indeed, you will find Marrons Glaces Candied Chestnuts that are prepared in the traditional manner. Maison Boissier is working hard to perfect their recipe for candied chestnuts. Because of this, the only ingredients in their glazed chestnuts are chestnuts, sugar, and vanilla beans in pods.
It is the guarantee of a chestnut of superior quality!
Individually packaged, they will keep perfectly well.
Holiday classic, Maison Boissier iced chestnuts will be the perfect Christmas gift!
Product of France
Ingredients: Chestnuts, sugar, glucose syrup, Bourbon vanilla beans.
Allergens: Tree nuts

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