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Maison Boissier Gummy Bears 195gr/ 6.88oz

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Deliciously melting and fruity, go back to childhood with the Maison Boissier Parisian Gummy Bears. Find all the smoothness and finesse through the Gummy Bears of Maison Boissier. Remember the school benches with the Maison Boissier.

Since its creation in 1827, Boissier has taken great pleasure in retaining traditional and artisanal know-how in the development of its high-end confectionery, made from natural ingredients. Because of their world-famous French candies and irresistibly gorgeous packaging, Maison Boissier has been one of our go-to stores for a very long time. 

Ingredients: Water, sugar, glucose, gum arabic, concentrated fruit juice, confectionary sugar, acid citric, natural flavors (pineapple,cherry, raspberry, orange, apple), natural coloring.

Allergens: None

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