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Maison Boissier Almond and Chocolate Dragees 2.29oz/65gr

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Introducing Maison Boissier's luxurious almond and chocolate dragées, presented in a beautiful and elegant jewelry box adorned with angel decorations. These dragées are a true French confectionery masterpiece, expertly crafted with the finest ingredients and presented in a stunning package.

The almond dragées are dusted with a thin layer of white sugar, which complements the crunchiness and nuttiness of the almond inside perfectly. Each bite begins with a satisfying crunch and is followed by the smooth and creamy sweetness of the almond.

The gold dragées, on the other hand, are made with the same high-quality ingredients but are covered in a rich and decadent layer of chocolate. The chocolate is expertly crafted to create a smooth and velvety texture that melts in your mouth, revealing the delightful crunchiness of the chocolate inside.

Both the white and gold dragées come in a beautiful jewelry box with angel decorations, making them the ideal gift for any occasion. Whether you're giving it as a gift or treating yourself, these dragées are sure to impress and delight.

The almond and chocolate dragées from Maison Boissier are ideal for anyone who values quality, taste, and elegance. They are an excellent addition to any special occasion, including weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, and are sure to impress your guests.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a delectable and luxurious sweet treat, Maison Boissier's almond and chocolate dragées in a jewelry box with angel decorations are an excellent option. These dragées will delight and impress anyone who tries them, thanks to their exquisite taste, expert craftsmanship, and stunning packaging.


Almond dragées: Interior: almond, Coating: sugar, glucose syrup, gum arabic, rice and potato starch, flavors.
Chocolate dragées: Interior: cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa powder, vanillin, Coating: sugar, gum arabic, rice and potato starch, glucose syrup, flavors, coating agents (Carnauba wax, shellac, beeswax).

May Contains: May contains: Milk, lecithin, soya, albumin, egg, shelled fruits and peanuts.

Please note: This product is susceptible to melting at high temperatures. To ensure optimal quality upon arrival, we recommend purchasing an Ice Pack for added protection. Our terms and conditions state that we cannot guarantee the quality of chocolate and other melting products with standard shipping during warm weather, nor can we issue refunds or replacements for items that melt during transit. To avoid potential melting, please consider choosing 2-day or overnight shipping at checkout or shopping during cooler times.


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