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Maison Boissier Blue and White Almond Dragees 1.59oz/45gr

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Almond dragées from Maison Boissier are the best kind of French candy. They now come in a beautiful blue box with the brand name written in gold. These delectable confections are meticulously produced utilizing only the highest quality materials, making them a true work of art in the confectionery world.

Enjoy an exceptional taste experience as you relish the crisp crunchiness of the almond, which is matched by the sweetness and smoothness of the sugar coating. The blue and white colors of the dragées produce a visually beautiful contrast that will leave you spellbound.

Almond dragées from Maison Boissier, presented in a beautiful blue box with gold lettering, are the ideal gift for any event, from birthdays to weddings and beyond. This lovely packaging is likely to impress and excite anyone lucky enough to receive it.

Almond dragées from Maison Boissier are renowned for their exquisite flavor and quality, which have made them a sensation among foodies. Whether you're giving them as a present or enjoying them as a special treat for yourself, these dragées will leave a lasting impression.

Almond dragées in a gorgeous blue box with gold lettering from Maison Boissier are a great sensory delight. These dragées, meticulously made with the best ingredients, give a thrilling taste sensation and a breathtaking aesthetic experience. Don't pass up the chance to indulge in this opulent delicacy or give it as a present to someone special.

Ingredients: Almond dragées: Interior: almond, Coating: sugar, glucose syrup, gum arabic, rice and potato starch, flavors.



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