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Maison Boissier Blue and White Almond Dragees 2.29oz/65gr

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Savor the delicious Almond Dragées made by Maison Boissier, a candy that is eminently representative of France.

These Almond Dragées from Maison Boissier are the epitome of artisanal artistry, and they come packaged in a box that is both beautifully crafted and decorated with gold calligraphy.

Every single almond dragée is made with only the highest quality ingredients, and as a result, each one features an exquisite combination of sugar coating that is velvety sweet and crispy almonds.

The hypnotic combination of blue and white hues not only titillates the taste senses but also enchants the sight, which makes these almond dragées made by Maison Boissier an ideal present for a wide variety of events, from baby shower, birthdays to weddings.

Almond Dragées from Maison Boissier are an absolute necessity for everyone who considers themselves a true connoisseur because of their exceptional flavor and perfection. Whether you plan on giving it as a present or indulging yourself, this sumptuous delicacy will take your senses on an experience they will never forget.

Ingredients: Almond dragées: Interior: almond, Coating: sugar, glucose syrup, gum arabic, rice and potato starch, flavors.

May contains: Milk, lecithin, soya, albumin, egg, shelled fruits and peanuts.


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