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Maison Boissier Blue and White Calisson Blue Box

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Some special occasions call for special candy, don't they? Well, these Maison Boissier calissons may just be the special candy of your next celebration. Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries.

Make your small gatherings a moment your friends will always remember. This unique candy will be the talk of the evening.

Maison Boissier calissons feature a delicate almond flavor with subtle notes of orange.

Traditionally made in the South of France, Maison Boissier calissons have delighted generations of French palates with their unique blend of almond and candied melon hiding under a thin, delicate wafer.

Ingredients: Candied fruit (40.3%) (melon 35%, glucose syrup 0.3%, orange peel 5%), almonds (38.6%), icing sugar (12.58%), granulated sugar (6.14%) glucose syrup (1.1%), host (potato starch 0.3%, sunflower oil 0.2%), water (0.4%), rehydrated egg white (0.37%), colorings : chlorophyllin 0.01%.

Allergens: Almond, egg white.

May contain traces of soy lecithin, hazelnut and milk.


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