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Maison Boissier Candies perfumed Raspberry-Redcurrant 60g(2.10oz)

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These one-of-a-kind and magnificent confections are the work of Maison Boissier, and it's possible that even Leonardo da Vinci himself would be impressed by them. Sweet pieces of beauty, these candies have the look of little macaroon pastry puffs. They have a texture that is crunchy and crumbly, similar to that of wafers, and they come in a range of flavors that are fantastically inspired by fruits.

These vibrant works of art are guaranteed to please even the pickiest candy aficionado, so make sure you have plenty of them on hand to stock your favorite candies.These powdery candies composed of Raspberry /Redcurrant with mixtures of sugar, essential oils, herbal and plant extracts will make you discover incomparable flavors.

Ingredients: Raspberry/Redcurrant powders: sugar, thickener (gum Arabic), raspberry and redcurrant juice, flavorings, tartaric acid.

Gluten-free, natural dyes

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