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Maison Boissier Flower Petals tea bag 2.12 oz/60g

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Enjoy the delicious flavor of Maison Boissier's green tea, which has fresh and vegetal notes as well as a deliciously fruity aromatic bouquet. Because of its unique combination of fruity flavors, including red and orange fruits, as well as the exotic taste of passion fruit and Sakura, this pleasant and balanced cup of tea will remind you of the taste of a smoothie. Our tea offers a light and velvety infusion that will leave you feeling refreshed and energized.

Not only does Maison Boissier's green tea taste deliciously refreshing, but it also comes in a lovely container depicting a serene angel. There are 30 bags of our exquisite tea inside, ready to be brewed and enjoyed. This container is not only visually appealing but also functional, as it keeps your tea fresh and aromatic for a longer period of time. As you savor the refreshing taste and aroma of our green tea, take in the aesthetic beauty of our container. Treat yourself to Maison Boissier's green tea today and enjoy the ideal combination of taste and luxury.

Box contain 30 bags

Ingredients: Green tea (Camelia sinensis), aromas (sakura, exotic fruits, red and orange fruits), sunflower, rose and cornflower petals.

Allergène(s) : Product may contain incidental traces of nuts and peanuts




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