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Maison Boissier Froufrous 10.6oz/300gr

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Crunchy and melting at the same time, discover the Froufrous from Maison Boissier! Delicious miniature sweets made of Small squares plump of multicolored cooked sugar filled with fruit pulp.
Imagine a day in Paris as you amble along the Champs-Élysées. In one hand, you are clutching a bouquet of flowers, and in the other, you are holding a classic Maison Boissier Box of Candies. Get your daily dose of something delicious from Maison Boissier, the famed candymaker in Paris, and turn your desire become a reality (even if you're thousands of miles away).
Maison Boissier is an emblem of French gastronomy and art of living “à la française”.
Beloved by the sweet tooth of old and young since 1927, the house was a favorite of Victor Hugo, Emily Zola and Alexandre Dumas. It’s now legendary creations were already highly sought after by the well-to-do in Paris of the past century and continue to delight us up to this day!

Flavors: apricot, cherry, raspberry, blackcurrant, apple.
Composition Sugar 50%, glucose syrup 10%, Fruit pulp 30%, Citric acid 0.10%,
aromas: apricot 1.20% - cherry 1.20% - raspberry 1.20% - blackcurrant 1.20% -apple 1.20%,
natural flavors: curcumin, paprika, anthocyanins, copper chlorophyllin, green tea extract.

May contain traces of nuts, sulphites and dairy products.

Total net weight: 300 g.

Made in France.

Please note: This product is susceptible to melting at high temperatures. To ensure optimal quality upon arrival, we recommend purchasing an Ice Pack for added protection. Our terms and conditions state that we cannot guarantee the quality of chocolate and other melting products with standard shipping during warm weather, nor can we issue refunds or replacements for items that melt during transit. To avoid potential melting, please consider choosing 2-day or overnight shipping at checkout or shopping during cooler times.


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