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Maison Boissier Mini Pates de Fruits Jewelry Box Angel 55g (1.95oz)

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Maison Boissier: exquisite setting with delicate fruit pastes in a sophisticated French manner.Take a trip down memory lane with these little pates de fruits, which are full of taste and melt in your mouth pleasantly. The little fruit pasta made by Maison Boissier exemplifies elegance and delicacy in every bite.

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Tasting fruit pasta consisting of sugar, glucose syrup, fruit pulp with scents of orange, lemon, apples, cassis, and raspberry.

Ingredients: Sugar: 30.47%, Glucose syrup: 10%, Fruits in variable proportions: 50% (strawberry, lemon, apple pulp, orange and plum), Citrus oils, Flavors, Colors: turmeric 0.03% - cochineal 0.10% - grape skin extract 0.10% - chlorophyll leaves 0.10%, gelling agent: fruit pectin: 9%, acidifier: citric acid 0.20%.

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