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Maison Boissier Orangettes 8.80oz/250gr

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Maison Boissier orangettes are a go-to giftable holiday candy.

Orangette is a slice of sunshine in candy form. It is a fine candied orange peel delicately covered with a layer of crunchy dark chocolate. The marriage of sunny and fruity notes of orange and the strength of dark chocolate.

Discover the vibrant taste experience of Maison Boissier Orangettes, created by a Maitre Chocolatier in France. Traditionally candied, tangy orange zest smothered in fresh and crisp dark chocolate makes a gift of pure indulgence you will fall in love with.

A classic and delicate combination of selected dark chocolate and a natural orange aroma.

Succumb to the tasty combination of orange and chocolate, tasting the orangettes in this pretty blue box. Candied orange peels coated in crisp dark chocolate: all the fruity flavor of orange and the strength of a subtle and intense dark chocolate.

A delicate aroma and a tasty texture, simple and refined, the orangettes will please throughout the day!

Product of France

Ingredients: Candied orange, chocolate coating (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin).

Allergens: Possible presence of nuts, lactose, soy.

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