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Maison Boissier Pates de Fruits 90g/ 3.18oz

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  • Brand: Maison Boissier
  • SKU: MB123
  • Net Weight: 90g/ 3.18oz
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Deliciously melting and fruity, go back to childhood with the Maison Boissier mini pates de fruits. Find all the smoothness and finesse through the mini pâtes de fruits of Maison Boissier.

Maison Boissier pates de fruits are made with sugar, glucose syrup, fruit pulp with the scent of orange, lemon, apples, blackcurrants, and raspberry.

Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, fruit pulp (apple, plum, lemon, orange, strawberry), flavoring: citrus fruit extract, coloring (Curcuma, cochineal, grape skin, chlorophyll leaves), fruit pectin, citric acid

Allergens: None

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