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Maison Boissier Pink and White Almond Dragees 2.29oz/65gr

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The beautiful jewelry box with angels from Maison Boissier is the perfect place to put their tasty almond dragées. These dragées are a true work of art in the world of French candy, made with only the highest quality ingredients and beautifully packaged. The sugar-coated almond dragées come in a rainbow of pink and white hues, complementing the natural crunch of the nut.

The soft and sugary sugar contrasts with the sharpness of the almond in these delightful almond dragées, creating a taste sensation. The jewelry box is embellished with angelic flourishes, making it suitable for gifting on any occasion. These almond dragées are ideal for any occasion, whether as a gift or for personal indulgence.

Any connoisseur of fine food will agree that Maison Boissier's almond dragées are unrivaled. These dragées are an excellent addition to any type of celebration, particularly weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. They will astound your guests and make your event unforgettable.

The almond dragées from Maison Boissier, presented in a jewelry box adorned with angels, are a sumptuous and wonderful dessert option. These dragées will captivate and impress anyone who tries them due to their superb flavor, skilled construction, and beautiful presentation. In conclusion, Maison Boissier's almond dragées are a must-try, and their presentation in a lovely jewelry box makes them the ideal gift for any occasion.

Ingredients: Almond, sugar, glucose syrup, gum arabic, rice and potato starch, flavors.

May contains: Milk, lecithin, soya, albumin, egg, shelled fruits and peanuts.



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