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Maison Boissier Trio Chocolate Pearls

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Maison Boissier Trio Chocolate Pearls are an amazing treat! Maison Boissier never disappoints, whether you buy them as a gift or as a treat for yourself! Discover the three types of chocolate pearls available from Maison Boissier.

Since 1827, Maison Boissier has been creating magical chocolates and confections in their Paris shop.
You haven't lived if you haven't tried these Maison Boissier Chocolate Pearls! You'll be greeted by teeny, tiny chocolate pearls as soon as you open the tin. Every pearl is silky, buttery, and utterly delicious. Opening the lid reveals tiny chocolate pearls that are nothing short of divine. Each bite is smooth and inviting, melting in your mouth. Everyone knows that the French make the best chocolate!

Raspberry chocolate pearls are delicious; each chocolate pearl is so delicate that it melts in your mouth.
Crispy Chocolate Pearls are delicate milk chocolate pearls that are surrounded by black, white, and dulcey.
Dark Chocolate Pearls are rich, velvety chocolate that envelops a creamy chocolate center.

Don't pass up this delectable opportunity to pamper yourself. Try Maison Boissier's Chocolate Pearls today!

Product of France


Crispy Chocolate Pearls: sugar 29,15%, cocoa butter 24,60%, caramel 18% (skimmed milk 6,4%, whey (milk) 5,88%, sugar 3,5%, butter (milk) 2,2%, vanilla natural flavoring 0,02%), biscuit cereals 11,6% (wheat flour 7,2%, sugar 2,4%, wheat malt 1,1%, wheat starch 0,3%, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate 0,3%, salt 0,2%, cocoa butter 0,1%, vanilla natural flavoring 0,06%), whole milk powder 8,6%, cocoa beans 6,55%, glazing agents 0,7% (maltodextrin 0,5%, shellac gum 0,2%), emulsifier 0,6% (soya lecithin), natural extract of vanilla 0,2%.

Allergens: nuts, egg protein, lupin and peanut

Raspberry chocolate pearls: sugar (45.7%), cocoa butter (31.7%), biscuit cereals (11.3%) (wheat flour (6.76%), sugar (2.28 %), wheat malt (1.1%), wheat starch (0.5%), raising agent (0.3%), salt (0.2%), cocoa butter (0.1%), natural flavoring (0.06%)), raspberry powder (10.1%), maltodextrin (0.5%), emulsifier: sunflower lecithin (0.5%), glazing agent: shellac (0.2%)

Allergens: wheat, nuts, milk, soya

Dark Chocolate Pearls: cocoa (cocoa bean 19.5%, cocoa butter 44.15%), sugar 29.15%, whole milk powder 6.4%, emulsifier (soya lecithin) 0.6%, natural vanilla extract 0.2

Allergens: nuts, egg protein, gluten, and peanut




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