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Maison Peltier French Normandy Honey Lavender 500g/17.6 oz

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  • Brand: Maison Peltier
  • SKU: MP4915
  • Net Weight: 500g/17.6 oz
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Maison Peltier lavender honey is delicious honey from France.

The beekeeping tradition has been passed down from father to son since 1946.
Maison Peltier experience enables them to offer you a wide range of flavors and to select the very best honeys.
Their natural honeys are not pasteurized and are prepared according to knowhow, to better preserve their original properties.
As well as passing internal checks, independent laboratories also conduct analyses to ensure the highest possible quality of their products.
Their polyfloral or monofloral honeys will no doubt appeal to you with their smooth and sweet flavors.
Maison Peltier is based in the North West of France, and more specifically in the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, a region renowned for its resourceful land and flora. Yves Peltier learnt beekeeping from his parents at a very young age, and naturally became fascinated by the world of bees.
As his experience grew, the young beekeeper expanded his know-how, with the utmost respect for the work of bees.
After receiving numerous awards for the quality of his harvests, Yves Peltier developed his artisanal activity to include gingerbreads, baked with carefully selected ingredients (flour and butter from Normandy, "fleur de sel" from Guérande, fresh eggs, thick cream from Normandy, etc.).
His gingerbread being so successful (thanks to his unrivalled know-how), he decided to launch a range of honey-based biscuits and products with no coloring agents or preservatives.
So, his business would succeed, and using his relations in the world of beekeeping, Yves Peltier started to give his beehives to fellow beekeepers and former students to devote all his time to the selection, preparation and distribution of honey and honey-based products (gingerbreads, biscuits, nougats, sweets, etc.).
Based on a selection of high-quality honeys and traditional know-how, the MAISON PELTIER range has been extremely successful both in France and abroad, thanks to the refined taste of its honeys and honey-based treats.

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