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Malabar Individual Bubble Gum Strawberry 7g /0.25oz

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The timeless Chewing gum Malabar in strawberry version.

Tired of it? There's Malabar! This is the slogan of this chewing gum, made in France, that children praise! The mascot of the tall blonde with a yellow t-shirt is gone, place to a wacky cat, as fun as the bubble gum he represents!

Since 1958, Malabar chewing gum has been the daily treat of children, whether at home or at school. Its sweet and soft chewing gum, here embalmed with strawberry, offers a concentrate of good humor and flavor. You will not get tired of chewing this sweet chewing paste full of strawberry that also allows you to make large bubbles! Will you be able to deflate them before they burst on your face? Not to mention the design inside the paper envelope that serves as a tattoo!

This very stamped candy 80s rakes wide: it is gluten-free, without animal gelatin, peanut-free, nut or milk. A composition that protects against allergies. Full of taste, the strawberry Malabar will put you in a state of bliss and please everyone!

Ingredients:sugar, gum, glucose syrup, dextrose, acidifier (citric acid), aromas, humectant (glycerol), colorings (carmine, lutein), antioxidant (butylated hydroxytoluene), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin).

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