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Maxim’s Sundried Tomatoes Delight 30g/1.05oz

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  • Brand: Maxim's
  • SKU: MS023
  • Net Weight: 30g/1.05oz

This tasty Maxim's de Paris sundried tomato delight can be enjoyed simply on toast but can also be used as an accompaniment to your culinary preparations.

The Maxim's de Paris sundried tomato delight: a tasty complement to your dishes or appetizers. You want to add a Mediterranean touch to your dishes. An appetizer rich in southern produce is in the works. You will be filled with the delight of sundried tomatoes.

This typical South-East recipe will go well with pasta topped with Parmesan and basil or simply on a crispy toast.

The Maxim's de Paris sundried tomato delight will also be the perfect ally for your appetizers. You can diversify your fun moment by bringing toast covered with our tapenade of black olives. 

Product of France

Ingredients: sundried tomatoes 45%, sunflower oil, peeled tomatoes, olive oil, water, garlic, mozzarella, pepper. contains: milk

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