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Maxim’s Mint Green Tea in Crystal Bag 24g/0.85oz

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  • Brand: Maxim's
  • SKU: MS010
  • Net Weight: 24g/0.85oz

An elegant case with 12 crystal bags of Maxim's mint green tea. As tradition dictates, it is a blend of green tea with Nanah Mint leaves. Its infusion gives a tea, refreshing, quenching, very aromatic that is traditionally consumed, very hot and very sweet.

A green tea with mint?

Enjoy Maxim’s Mint Green Tea and immerse yourself in a sweet tasting!

Do you like mint green tea? In this case, you will find 12 crystal bags for a tea tasting with friends or family. It is a tea with beautiful leaves waiting for you. The assurance of an explosion of flavors. Maxim's mint tea will take you on a journey to the land of a thousand and one flavors and remind you of the warmth of African countries.

Ingredients: Mint green tea, Nanah mint leaves (5%)

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