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Maxim’s Herbal Tea in Crystal Bag "Belle Epoque" 24g/0.85oz Promotion

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  • Brand: Maxim's
  • SKU: MS011-P
  • Net Weight: 24g/0.85oz

An elegant case with 12 Belle Epoque Maxim's crystal brewing bags. Floral and gourmet bouquet for this preparation unisuring sweet orange peels, bergamot, red rose petals, lemongrass, purple flowers, blackcurrant leaves, orange blossom buds and natural red fruit aroma.

Discover Maxim's fine-looking infusion to finish your meal. Its aromas of flowers will remind you of the sweet summer evenings.

If you are looking for an infusion to sleep rich in taste, you will be won over by Maxim's individual sachets, for a unique tasting moment.

Ingredients : peels of sweet orange and bergamot, red rose, lemongrass, orange and mallow blossoms, blackcurrant leaves, red berries natural flavoring and other natural flavorings.

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