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Maxim's Lemon & Palet Breton Jam 260gr/9.17oz

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This Maxim's Lemon & Palet Breton jam combines the tartness of lemon with the melting sweetness of Palet Breton. This Maxim's Lemon & Palet Breton jam is a delicious delicacy that may either be consumed on its own or utilized as a component in the confections of your choice.

A refreshing combination for a calm beginning to the day!

Because of our creative formulations, you'll be able to locate every flavor that was previously only available in traditional jams. In order to preserve the fruit's finest attributes while adhering to the dictates of tradition, we utilize very little cane sugar in our preparations.
You can have this Maxim's Lemon & Palet Breton jam for breakfast or as a snack in the middle of the morning.

Ingredients: lemon 33%, apple 27%, cane sugar, “palet breton” biscuit 1, 8%, (wheat, barley, milk, eggs), gelling agent : pectin, flavor

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