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Maxim's Tangerine & Nougat Jam 260gr/9.17oz

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You deserve a treat, so go ahead and indulge in this Maxim's Mandarin & Nougat jam that combines the delicate aromas of mandarin and nougat, a traditional sweet from Provence. A delectable preparation that can be consumed on its own, similar to a traditional jam, or used to enhance the flavor of your desserts.

The exquisite finishing touch that you give your breakfasts.

You will be able to relive your childhood by sampling jams from years gone by thanks to our imaginatively crafted recipes. Cane sugar is used, but only a very small amount, in order to ensure that the best parts of the fruit are kept intact while the tradition is honored.

This Maxim's Mandarin & Nougat jam is versatile enough to be consumed either for breakfast or as a snack.

You will be able to achieve happiness with our extensive selection, which includes everything from traditional jam to gourmet dessert.

Ingredients: cane sugar, tangerine 35%, nougat 3%, (almond, eggs,), concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent: pectin, flavor

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