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Maxim’s Black Olive Tapenade 30g/1.05oz

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  • Brand: Maxim's
  • SKU: MS024
  • Net Weight: 30g/1.05oz

All the power and flavor of black olive are concentrated in this delicious tapenade of black olives that will light up your aperitif, cocktails, or summer tables.

Tapenade: an essential product at the time of the summer aperitif, or all year long.

You want to hear the cicadas sing, feel the mistral on your skin and smell the pines. Enter the richness of the azure coast by discovering our succulent black tapenade Maxim's de Paris. It is the ideal partner for your appetizers or will go well with your dishes.

You can only succumb to the power of black olives marinated and prepared in olive oil, mixed with capers, anchovies, and spices. An extraordinary journey of flavors, projecting you into the voluptuousness of the aperitifs in the shade of the umbrella pines.

Product of France

Ingredients: black olives (82%), capers 6%, olive oil, anchovy cream (anchovies 82%, olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, spices), garlic, pepper. Contains anchovies.

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