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The program for retail and wholesale customers is free. Just register your account on our website. Opening an account will bring you immediate rewards on your first order.

Le Club membership will bring you even more savings. We develop this program to give you a ground-breaking pricing unseen before. The pricing for Le Club membership is listed below

We created several levels in duration, for you to test our services if you are new to Le Panier Francais and want to discover French imports. The fees are auto-renewed at the end of the subscribed period.

You may cancel your Le Club membership any time by sending us an e-mail at We will refund your full membership fee only if you did not make any eligible purchases or take advantage of Le Club membership benefits since your latest Le Club membership charge. Le Club memberships redeemed through a gift code or promotional code are not refundable.

We are welcoming all expatriates, Alliances Francaises, French consulates, associations, teachers, Universities and communities that are eager to learn and discover our French imports.

Free Access Card

Each member will be given a free access card to our warehouse in Illinois. On your first visit an employee will guide you through our enrollment process if you didn’t sign up online. The access card will grant you access to upcoming facilities in the future.


Le Club membership is providing deep savings to give you more for less. If you are not yet a member of Le Club, we present the potential savings on each product and checkout pages.

Wholesale pricing is built around the fact that businesses will purchase by the case and pallets. We do offer mixed cases per pallet.

Rewards Points

Le Panier Francais Rewards Points is a free loyalty program! Each time you shop with Le Panier Francais, you automatically get rewarded! The minute you create an account, you can start earning POINTS to spend on our website.

We make it easy for you to quickly rack up redeemable Rewards Points. From the very start, you’ll automatically earn one point for every dollar you spend on our website*.

Earn Loyalty Points:

1 Point earned for $1 spent. 100 Points = $4 Rewards.

1 Point earned for $1 spent. 100 Points = $6 Rewards for Le Club Members.


Points never expire.

Cashback program

Members from Le Club, that have subscribed for 12 consecutive months will receive a 2% annual reward, up to $500. Only purchases made by the Primary and active Primary Household Cardholder on the account will apply toward the Reward. Purchases made prior to upgrade to Le Club membership do not qualify for the 2% Reward. If, at any time, the Primary Household Cardholder is removed from the account, their purchases will not apply toward the Reward.

The Reward certificate will be mailed as soon as the annual period will close. Rewards totaling less than $3 will not be sent. The Reward may be used toward purchases on our website or at our warehouse located in IIlinois. Reward certificates may be redeemed for cash. Reward certificates will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

Free Shipping

We do offer free shipping on retail orders starting at $65. For Le Club membership the free shipping is lowered to $59. We reserve the right to request additional shipping fees to our customer in case of retail purchases that should have been classified wholesale, due to large items quantity, heavy weight or large volume. Our customer service will contact you if we run into such rare situation.

Back Order & Notify me when available

French imports are not easy to do and therefore due to the long lead time to receive goods from France, we created the backorder feature to let our customers buy in advance our products.

When a product is not in stock or if the desire quantity is not a match with our inventory on hand, a popup window will appear. You will be able to enter the desire quantity.

If you do not want to buy in backorder you can be notified when the products will be back in our inventory.

Purchase Order

Business customers have the possibility to enter their own purchase order directly on our website during the checkout process.

Early Preview

Le Club membership customers will have a lead time of 48 hours before others to preview the new products and services.