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Noirot French Orange Flower Water 25 cl (8.45 fl oz)

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  • Brand: Noirot
  • SKU: BS001
  • Net Weight: 20cl/ 8.45oz

Noirot Orange blossom water is a necessary ingredient for many delicious French recipes: Crepes, Christmas mousse, madeleine. The orange blossom water is created by soaking Seville's orange blossoms, distilling them and creating a strong flavor that gives life to all sorts of French delicacies! The orange blossom is a delicate white tiny flower, it is seen as a symbol of purity and summer.

Warning, we do not ship this product if the weather is too cold due to the bottle being glass.


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  • Apr 20th 2015

    Exceptional product with the purest essence! I pour it into my mint tea.

  • Aug 26th 2014

    The quality of this orange flower water is amazing, it was the perfect choice for the desserts I was preparing. Definitely gonna buy it again!

  • Mar 15th 2014

    I am so glad that I found your website. This Orange Flower Water is great for my cooking.


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