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Chabert & Guillot White nougat, bar 30g/1.06 oz

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Discover the nougat of Montélimar, it is mainly composed of almonds, honey, sugar and egg white beaten in snow. The latter will aerate the dough and give it the traditional whitish color of nougat and its flexibility (unlike black nougat which is hard because it does not contain egg white). There are also nougats flavored with candied fruits, plants, or chocolate...
Nougat has been attested in Montélimar since 1701. It is part of the tradition of the 13 Christmas desserts in Provence is attested since the seventeenth century and nougat is present before the end of the seventeenth century.
Chabert et Guillot has been making nougat since 1848. The master nougatiers Chabert and Guillot still make their nougat according to the original recipe using mainly almonds from Provence.
Find the Chabert and Guillot nougat bars individually packed in a nice package in festive colors.

Ingredients: sugar, almonds, honey, glucose syrup, wafer paper (potato starch), water, olive oil, egg albumin, natural vanilla flavoring.

possible presence of other nuts.

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  • Jun 8th 2016

    This is what I remember from my youth. Glad I found it on this site. Delicious.


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