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Palais des Thés - Matcha Imperial Organic with whisk, Tea Spoon, and Scoop 1.4 oz/40g

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Discover the depth of traditional Japanese tea culture with our premium Palais des Thés Imperial Matcha tea. Now available with a dedicated whisk, tea spoon, and scoop, you have all the tools at hand to brew the perfect cup.

Use the wooden scoop to measure the ideal amount of matcha for your brew. The traditional "Chasen" whisk helps you to create a smooth froth, beating the powdered tea into water, ensuring an immersive matcha experience.

Our Imperial Matcha is harvested from the prestigious tea-growing region of Uji in Kyoto, Japan. The tea bushes are shaded for several weeks prior to harvest, a technique that increases chlorophyll and theanine levels. This process enriches the tea's vibrant green hue and imparts a unique sweet and savory flavor.

Savor the enchantment of Palais des Thés Imperial Matcha, distinguished by its delicate flavor balance. The rich aromas, subtly sweet and savory, are interspersed with notes of vegetal freshness. Hints of spinach or seaweed play alongside a creamy richness, creating a symphony of flavors that dance on your palate, intriguing your senses sip by sip.

The versatility of Palais des Thés Imperial Matcha extends beyond a standalone beverage. Incorporate it in desserts, smoothies, or any recipe that could be enhanced by the distinct flavor and brilliant hue of matcha.

With Palais des Thés Imperial Matcha, step into the heart of Japanese tea tradition, one cup at a time. Relax knowing that our Matcha Imperial is produced organically and holds the respected Ecocert accreditation, awarded by an independent certification authority. Elevate your daily tea routine with the extraordinary flavor of Imperial Matcha.

Origin: Japan

Tasting notes

Color: light green powder

Flavors: umami, delicate bitterness

Fragrances: fresh vegetal (cresson, fresh grass)

Suggestion of preparation

Unlike other teas, matcha is ground to a fine powder. This green tea is not infused but beaten. It is prepared using a whisk, bowl, and spatula.

  • Place 2 scoops of Imperial Matcha into a bowl.
  • Pour over 70ml/2.4 fl oz of water heated to 70°C/158°F.
  • Hold the bowl in one hand and, with the other, beat the tea sharply with a whisk until it forms a smooth foam. Once the matcha is foamy and blended, drink.

NB: we suggest you use an whisk for Matcha, to obtain the perfect rich foam!

You can also use cow’s milk or soya milk – it’s delicious!




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