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Panzani Elbow 500g (17.6 oz)

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  • Brand: Panzani
  • SKU: PC001

The elbow, the flirtiest pasta is always as much fun to see and eat! In front of his plate of elbow ham and butter, how not to find her child smile?

Whether it is the elbow Carbonara, the elbow with tuna or even the gratin of elbow the recipe of the Panzani elbow will always delight your family and remind you of your childhood.

The cooking time of the elbow is 8 minutes.


A good dough is above all a good wheat! At Panzani, we know that nutritional benefits, cooking power, and good taste depend on the quality of the wheat. That's why we leave nothing to chance by rigorously selecting the best wheat.

100% durum wheat semolina and superior quality. If the batch number contains the letter N: may contain egg

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