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Primeal Tabbouleh Oriental Bio 11oz/300g

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The exotic tabbouleh prepared by Priméal will bring some warmth to your meal!
Vegan and organic tabbouleh orientale that may serve between 4 and 6 people. Easy preparation that does not need cooking. The richness of the raisins paired with little organic veggies, all flavored with spices and topped with a drizzle of olive oil, will satisfy even the greediest taste buds.
This meal, which is both visually appealing and fragrant, may be prepared quickly and easily in advance.
Primeal Tabbouleh Bio may be prepared in a flash using the prime fast method. Do not be afraid to decorate it in accordance with the tastes of each individual and the vegetables that are readily accessible. It will be well received by children, particularly if it is presented in a comical manner on the dish itself.

You may have fun introducing youngsters by staging on the plate. See the photo for two small owls with carrot, cucumber, and tomato bits.

The organic Priméal brand is committed to working with farmers both domestically and internationally by giving first consideration to ingredients sourced from our terroirs to the greatest extent possible, while also assuring local manufacture and packaging in the Ardèche, thereby providing a guarantee of the French quality of our know-how.

The + product:
. Ingredients from organic farming
. Vegan
. Quick preparation (5 minutes)
Pour 1 cup of tabbouleh into a bowl, add 1 cup of boiling water. Cover, let stand for 5 min and then separate with a fork. Season at your convenience and enjoy cold or hot.
Ingredients: Semi-complete hard WHEAT semolina* (71%), sultana raisins*(8%), vegetables* (tomatoes*, onions*, carrots*) (6.9%), instant coral lentils*, sunflower seeds*, sea salt, extra virgin olive oil*, paprika*, coriander*, cumin*, lemon essential oil*
*from bio farming




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