Barral French Green Olives Picholines 200g/7oz

Barral French Green Olives Picholines 200g/7oz

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BRAND: Barral
SKU: C3054

Discover the unique taste of Barral Picholine Green Olives, celebrated as the quintessential cocktail olive. Connoisseurs laud these olives for their distinctive flavor, which they frequently compare to the subtle nuances of pistachios.

Perfectly suited for cocktail gatherings, the Barral Picholine olive is medium-sized, boasting a vibrant green hue, glossy skin, and firm texture. These versatile olives are ideal for various culinary uses, from enhancing the flavor of dishes to being a key ingredient in olive oil production when available in bulk. Experience the exquisite taste and versatility of Barral's Green Picholine Olives, a superior choice for both cooking aficionados and olive enthusiasts.

Ingredients: picholine olives, salt, acidifying agent (lactic acid)

Product of France