Le Guerandais Flower of Salt 140g/4.9oz

Le Guerandais Flower of Salt 140g/4.9oz

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The Guerande fleur de sel, also called white gold, is the result of the first crystals that form with the evaporation of sea water, and picked up very gently. It is distinguished by its large crystals (not to be confused with coarse salt) harvested late afternoon or evening with a "wooden lousse" and a basket.

The fleur de sel from Guerande: is very renowned gastronomes, has a Red Label and a quality charter, rich in magnesium and trace elements, its taste is much finer and more delicate than table salt, dissolves very quickly, which makes it well penetrate the food that it season.

The fleur de sel from Guerande is ideal with: meats, fish, raw vegetables with salt croque, shrimp, salads, etc ... It must be added at the very end of cooking and so be able to retain the perfect taste. Keep the Guerande flower of salt in a place protected from the light. It should stay slightly moist.

Net Weight: 4.4 oz (125g)