La Perruche French Brown Sugar Cane Cubes 750g /26.5 oz

La Perruche French Brown Sugar Cane Cubes 750g /26.5 oz

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La Perruche sugar, a genuine icon of the brand, is a delicacy in and of itself, thanks to its distinctive shape, the visible sugar crystals, the warm amber color, and the flavors of Bourbon vanilla and caramel that distinguish it.
In the midst of the chaos, a fantastic product can be discovered. Canne diamonds are created using a proprietary La Perruche process that is only available from La Perruche.
These uncooked chunks of fine sugar and massive grains of cane, after melting, add a crunch to hot liquids by providing a crunch. With regards to food, they have conquered some of the world's most prestigious establishments, as well as the palates of food connoisseurs around the world. Both white and amber sugar candies work well together in a sugar bowl because their colors and flavors complement one another both visually and flavor-wise.

The little chunks are particularly popular with individuals who prefer their espresso with a tinge of sweetness to their cup of coffee.

Because they are packaged in cardboard boxes, the box can be recycled in its entirety if desired.

Product of France