St.Michel mini chocolate madeleines are crafted with an unsurpassed devotion to quality, and they are made with premium ingredients, which ensures a completely authentic taste experience. These St.Michel mini chocolate madeleines, which are made in France and do not contain any colors, preservatives, or palm oil, are a reflection of our dedication to preserving the integrity of St.Michel products.

St Michel French Mini Madeleine With Chocolate Chips 6.17oz/175g

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Indulge in the exquisite union of classic French confectionery and rich chocolate with St. Michel's Mini Madeleines, infused with chocolate chips. These tiny treasures from L'Atelier St. Michel offer a taste experience that delights with every bite, perfectly sized for little hands and big imaginations.

Crafted with a lavish sprinkle of chocolate chips, these mini madeleines promise a decadent flavor that melts in your mouth, complementing the soft, velvety texture that St. Michel is celebrated for. Each bite is a symphony of airy, sugary bliss, interlaced with deep chocolate notes, designed to enchant from the first taste.

St. Michel's commitment to excellence shines through in these mini chocolate madeleines, made from premium ingredients to ensure an authentic and unforgettable taste journey. This dedication to quality is reflected in the choice to use only the finest components, capturing the essence of traditional French baking in every morsel.

Proudly made in France and adhering to the highest standards of purity, these mini madeleines contain no artificial colors, preservatives, or palm oil, embodying St. Michel's dedication to natural quality and the integrity of their products. The result is a pure, indulgent treat that respects both your health and the environment.

Perfectly baked to achieve that signature light and fluffy texture, St. Michel's Mini Madeleines with Chocolate Chips are sure to delight any child, or adult, with their charming size and delightful flavor. Whether as a sweet snack, a delightful dessert, or a special treat to share, these madeleines bring a touch of joy and the excellence of French baking to every moment.

Made with wheat flour, fresh eggs, milk, and sugar,

Product of France.