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Sabarot French Split Peas 17,6 oz (500 g)

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  • Brand: Sabarot
  • SKU: C3152
  • Net Weight: 500g/ 17.6oz

Split Peas are perfect for making soups, combine with a little grilled bacon or scallops just dried.Pois peas and peas are from the same plant. The dry vegetable is harvested at maturity while the pea is harvested before. Rid of its skin, the seed separates into two cotyledons to give the green split pea, or yellow if exposed to light. The split pea can be eaten as an accompaniment to meat, fish or mashed potatoes.

Ingredient: Broken Peas

Preparation Tips: Cook the split peas over low heat in three times their volume of water for about 35 minutes from boiling.

This pack contains 6 servings of 80g. May contain traces of gluten.

Product of France


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  • Elodie Sep 12th 2020

    Good price, no soaking time required, can be cooked pretty quickly in a pressure cooker! Particularly good for soups, purees, daal or patties/galettes. Good source of plant-based proteins, fibers, iron, and lots of other nutrients. And most importantly, tasty!


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