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Sabarot Mogettes de Vendee 500g/17.6oz

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  • Brand: Sabarot
  • SKU: V004
  • Net Weight: 500g/17.6oz
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Sabarot La Mogette de Vendée, Label Rouge, is a historical and emblematic food of the Vendee. It is a traditional culture of vendean bocage composed of "soft" and "moorland" lands. It is a very tender bean with a thin and fragile skin with a very bright white grain of a rather rectangular shape.

Confit and spread on bread or cassoulet, you will enjoy!

Ingredient: Mogettes de Vendée

Gluten-containing cereals may be present.

Preparation Tips: Soaking: one night (optional). Cook the mogettes over low heat in 3 times their volume of water for about 60 minutes from boiling.

This package contains about 6 x 80g servings.

Product of France

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