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Seals and Trust Badges

We take security very seriously
We've partnered with a set of service providers to deliver French food products right to your door. Read the following statements to understand how we and our partners ensure your security.
Bank vault security:  Our store is hosted on lightning-fast SAS 70 Type II certified servers. Our data center employs hacker-deterrent security provisioning, and three redundant network architectures and hardware firewalls.
Level 1 PCI compliance:   We protect our web store from hackers. Our store is PCI compliant, and our entire network is independently audited against stringent PCI security standards every three months. Our service provider platform is listed on the Visa and MasterCard service list of providers as a reference.
Paypal Payments Secured Gateway:   We are using Paypal as a gateway to process payments; therefore, we are not keeping records of the credit cards on our website. Transactions are kept by Paypal while orders are stored on our website. 
Paypal Express Checkout:  If you need to quickly do a checkout to speed up the process, you can use Papay Express Checkout in our store. This service is provided by Paypal, so our store will not keep any records of the information of your payment method in that case. It will be handled by Paypal while our website will store the information linked to the order processed.
Amazon Payments Express Checkout:   You can also use Amazon Payment Express checkout on our website to quickly check out. Our store is integrated with this service from Amazon, which will handle all payments if you choose this option. Our store will not keep any records of the information of your payment in that case, since it will be handled by Amazon. Our website will store the information linked to the order processed, but not the payment. 
Starfield SSL Certificates Security:  Our website is using several SSL certificates, when you are requesting a page that need to be securely encrypted, you'll see on the left corner of your browser a green bar, this means that the connection between your browser and our servers has been verified by Starfield as a secured and identified connection.
Scamadviser  Authority:   We passed the certification with scam adviser.
UPS Secured Integration:   In order to keep your information secures we teamed up with a service provider that is securely integrated with UPS. So when a label is created for a shipment, your privacy is respected and the flow of the data is controlled.
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