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Set of 4 Bags of Lavender

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The fabric bag filled with fragrant lavender flowers is a Provençal decor staple. Choose this four-piece embroidered bag set to infuse your home with a sense of calm and subtle Provencal style. Lavender gives your laundry a clean, fresh scent.

Dried lavender that is environmentally friendly and biodegradable was carefully selected. This little blue flower (whose name comes from the Latin "lavare" meaning wash) has been known for millennia for its unique and intoxicating scent. It was imported by the Romans who used it to perfume their bath and freshly washed linen.

It will perfume your interior or the linen of your wardrobe when presented in an elegant and discreet manner. A bag of lavender in the closet will deter moths while also providing a pleasant aroma to your clean clothes.

Regularly release its fragrance by simply pressing the bag for a more pronounced diffusion.


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