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Sophie La Girafe Birth Basket

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  • Brand: Vulli
  • SKU: VU001
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We are thrilled to present our lovely Sophie la Girafe baby gift set, which is ideal for baby showers and has been meticulously designed to appeal to both boys and girls. This charming set, suitable from birth, has been meticulously packed into a delightful cloth hamper designed not only to astound but also to comfort your child. This package ensures that your present stands out and is remembered, whether you're celebrating an imminent arrival or cherishing the early moments of a newborn.

This wonderful gift bundle comes complete with:

• A Basket with a Handle: This adorable and effortless-to-carry basket ensures that the necessities for your baby are never out of reach, no matter where you go.

• Sophie the Giraffe Toy: This time-honored favorite among parents and babies alike engages all of the senses from an early age. Because it stimulates the senses of taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing, it is an excellent choice as a first toy for your youngster.

• Cooling Teether: On those particularly trying days when your baby is cutting teeth, you can put this convenient teether in the refrigerator to give it a calming, cooling sensation that can help reduce your baby's gum irritation.

• Swaddle: This swaddle is likely to provide delight and comfort to both the mother and the baby because it is crafted from a fabric that is both soft and robust. It can be used for cuddling, swaddling, and anything else in between with equal ease.

• Rattle: This rattle has vibrant colors, two rotating balls, and little beads that jingle to stimulate baby's auditory and visual senses. It is sure to capture your baby's attention and keep it.

This Sophie the Giraffe gift set, which was created with the dual goals of functionality and amusement, is certain to offer happiness and ease to the early days of your child's life. It is the kind of gift that would be perfect for a baby shower, a birthday, or even just to say "hello" to a new member of the family.


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