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Sophie La Girafe Cooling Teething Ring

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  • Brand: Vulli
  • SKU: VU003
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We are excited to introduce our Sophie la Girafe teething ring, which can be stored in the refrigerator and is meant to provide comforting relief as well as stimulation for your baby's fragile gums.

When your baby chews on the chilly section, it effectively numbs the gums and relieves the discomfort associated with teething. Your baby might experience immediate relief as a result. With a non-cold plastic ring that has the endearing image of Sophie the Giraffe, its user-friendly design guarantees that it is comfortable to grasp.

However, it is more than just a teether because it also functions as a fun toy with a little bell that will keep your baby entertained and cause them to make happy jingling noises.

Since her inception in 1961, Sophie la Girafe has continued to be a recognized and favorite character among infants all over the world. Her enduring allure has allowed her to remain relevant throughout the ages, where she is revered as a paragon of innocence and awe.

We think that attention to detail is really important, and we are working hard to ensure that Sophie the Giraffe is the obvious option for your child. Enjoy the enchantment of Sophie the Giraffe right now with our one-of-a-kind and multi-purpose teething ring!

BPA Free: Made with BPA-free materials.


Great for little hands to hold and ideal for soothing painful gums

Features different textures for different stages of teething

Baby will have fun jingling the bell inside

Recommended for newborns and older


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